Annual Fire Company and Relief Association Elections Held
By President Michael Reber
December 17, 2019

On Monday, December 16th at the monthly fire company meeting elections were held for the Fire company and Relief Association officers to serve in 2020. All officer positions ran unopposed which resulted in the Recording Secretary entering a loan ballot into the meeting minutes to make the results official.

2020 Wagontown Fire Company Executive Board

President - Michael Reber
Vice-President - Rick King
Treasurer - Danielle Stein
Financial Secretary - Stephanie Ivey
Recording Secretary - MJ Rosenberry
Membership Secretary - Skip Wallace
Chaplain - Peg Touchton
Trustee - Robert Yearsley
Trustee - David Ivey II
Trustee - Tim Brown
Fire Police Captain - Allen Touchton
Fire Chief - Todd Ziegler (3 year term)

2020 Fireman's Relief Association Officers

President - Michael Reber
Vice-President - Devin O'Keefe
Treasurer - Matt Stein
Recording Secretary - MJ Rosenberry