An Evening of Wildland FIre training
By Wagontown Volunteers
October 2, 2019

On Wednesday night the annual Fall fire season refresher took place to the rear of the fire station. This was the hands on portion that allows the members to get the equipment out, run the pumps and stretch hose lines. Crews were broken into two teams which used the Brush and the Tac to stretch hoses from both around our fire. Tonight we used the tanker which replaced our brush tanker and quickly we noticed the advantages of the larger water tank and bigger pump for the training which will provide better results for an actual incident.

Tonight we reviewed safety, operations, Protective gear and our standard operating procedures. Each year we do this as we have large vast areas of open space which is farm lands, fields and woods. We protect one of the counties largest parks which is Hibernia along with other large tracts of land.

It is important for us to train on these types of fires as they are just as dangerous as any other incident we go to. Tonight was no different, we trained on making long hose lays, hand tools and controlling the fire as we burned up piles of yard debris.

Wagontown strives to provide our members with the best training available to provide the best quality of service to our citizens and those who pass through our communities.

Units: Station 35