Smoke in the Building at the Coatesville Country Club
By Wagontown Volunteers
July 25, 2019

On Thursday at 13:13 hours the company was dispatched for a fire alarm at the Country Club on Reservoir Road. Chief 35 marked up responding and was advised they called 911 advising there was a fire and hung up. The Box was struck for the possible building fire adding the mutual aid units on the assignment.

Rescue 35 and Ladder 41-2 made the response, FM 28 (Peters) arrived advising the fire was out but had a smoke condition inside. Chief 35 arrived and confirmed the report scaling the incident back to 35 and Ladder 41-2 to assist with ventilation. Crews used multiple fans and cleared the smoke out of the lower level locker rooms and adjacent areas. The incident stemmed from a malfunctioning piece of equipment in the Men's Locker room.

All companies cleared the scene about 45 minutes later after clearing the smoke out.

Units: Rescue 35, Tanker 35 and Chief
Mutual Aid: Ladder 41-2, 31 - Sadsburyville, 44 - Westwood, 33 - Honey Brook, 48 - Geln Moore and 49 - East Brandywine along with West Caln PD.