5th Annual Chesco Half Marathon
By Wagontown Volunteers
June 2, 2019

On Sunday June 2nd the Wagontown Fire Company supported the Chesco Half Marathon and 5K run which was for the benefit of Jacinda Miller Education Fund & Domestic Violence center of Chester County. Our main mission was the safety of the runners while running the course and those working the event as well.

The Morning began with a briefing at the Wagontown Fire Company; Fire Police Captain Touchton worked with various Fire Police Officers who came out to help at the event to cover the various intersections that needed covered. Then Chief Ziegler went over the Fire / EMS assignments for the day and what channels we were working off of.

ATV 35 and Ambulance 144-2 was assigned to the Country Club area with Deputy 35 who handled the 5K race that ran around the Country Club. Next Crews on the TAC, Squad and the Engine and Chief went out to assist with various other areas of the Half Marathon Course.

Members of the Glen Moore Fire Company with Squad 48 manned an aid station and water stop at the Birch Run Park on North Sandy Hill Rd.

Crews worked together until the last runner cleared the finish line and we were released from the event, and then returned to the station for lunch.

Wagontown would like to thank all of the members and fire police and neighboring companies for their help and the West Caln PD and Chief Martinez for all of their assistance making this a safe and fun event.

Special thanks to all those who provided photos of the event

Units: Engine 35, Squad 35, Tac 35, ATV 35, Chief's
Mutual Aid: Ambulance 144-2, Squad 48, West Caln PD