Accident assist to Westwood
By Wagontown Volunteers
February 2, 2019

This morning at 11:23 hours the Company was alerted to assist the Westwood Fire Company on an accident in the 1000 Block of Manor Rd. in Valley Twp. The Chief and Rescue made the response after dispatch and arrived onscene to assist with the extrication.

Using Rescue 44 as the base for the extrication members assisted the Westwood crews with removing the victim who was trapped in their truck that had run off the roadway into the trees.

Crews worked to remove the victim by removing the doors, roof and working to extricate the victim. Other EMS units attended to the 2 other victims that were out of the vehicle upon arrival.

Working together the victims were removed and transported to local hospitals and trauma centers for treatment.

Fire police closed the roadway for the accident investigation and the final units cleared at 15:25 hours.

Units: Rescue 35
Mutual Aid: 44 & 144 (Westwood) 41 Ambulance (Coatesville), Medic 93 (Brandywine), Valley Police