House fire in area of the Hibernia Park
By Watch Desk
April 15, 2024

At 19:39 hours on Monday as the Company Meeting was underway, Station 35 was dispatched along with mutual aid for a reported garage fire in West Caln Township. Initial reports stated a detached garage on fire, with exposure to the dwelling. Chief 35 arrived at the 100 block of Kaolin Rd. and confirmed a 30' x 30' two-story, detached garage that was well off and had fire in the dwelling, which was only feet away. Chief 35 requested the working fire dispatch for the dwelling, and established command. Engine 35 arrived and initiated fire attack, followed by Tanker 35 and Ladder 41. Additional arriving companies went to work assisting with fire attack, water supply and various other functions on the fire grounds. Crews continued to work the incident and the Chester County Fire Marshal's Office investigated the fire. Once everything was extinguished crews cleared the scene just prior to 10pm.

Photos from various sources such as Brad Rust and Westwood fire, thank you to all for the pictures.

Units: Engine, Rescue, Tanker, Tac, Traffic and Chief 35
Mutual Aid: 33 (Honey brook), 76 (Coatesville VA), 41 (Coatesville Fire), 44 (Westwood), 48 (Glen Moore), L49 (White Horse), 49 (East Brandywine), and various cover companies