Adding new technology to our Rescue Capabilities
By Wagontown Fire Company
May 10, 2023

On Wednesday evening, the crews went up to Reeds Salvage Yard on Telegraph Road to train on our new pieces of equipment. Recently the company purchase the Rescue R42 laminated glass cutter attachments for our Milwaukee Tools on the Rescue and Engine. The purpose of these tools are to create or remove laminated glass from vehicle windshields or side windows in the event of an emergency whether it was an accident or fire. Crews trained on the use of these time saving pieces of equipment and then training with the crew from MICU 244 who reviewed the patient packaging and removal from a vehicle. Once training was completed the tools were placed in service on the Rescue, Engine and Tac for ease of use and deployment.

Wagontown is always looking to further our training and capabilities using the latest cutting edge technology.