Emergency Sunday at Wagontown Chapel
By Wagontown Fire Company
October 23, 2022

Today members went to church at the Wagontown Chapel to attend a service that was dedicated to all those who serve. Pastor Tim Crans and the Wagontown Chapel each year holds a service to honor the local men and women who serve in the Police, Fire and EMS ranks as well as those in the armed services.

This year was no different as today was the service chosen to honor all those who serve. Pastor Crans lead the services today and then honored each department that was represented at the event.

The church congregation then honored all of the services with a token of appreciation and luncheon that followed. Members of Wagontown and the other departments enjoyed lunch and socializing with the congregation.

The members of Wagontown would like to thank the congregation at Wagontown Chapel for allowing us to be part of this service and your support throughout the year.