Wagontown renews commitment to Training and Service to our communities
By Wagontown Fire Company
April 7, 2022

Once again the members of Wagontown have proven their commitment to training; the members of Wagontown have once again achieved the 75 percent Participating Department Certification. Wagontown has been a participating department since 2007 where we started as a 10 percent department and have continually worked our way up to the 75 percent goal.

The purpose of this program is to identify and recognize emergency service personnel whose accomplishments in training and education meets or exceeds national standards. The NFPA standards for Fire Service Professional Qualifications identify the minimum requirements for a person at a particular level of progression. A person certified to one of the Fire Service Professional levels will have demonstrated competency in the knowledge and skills required to perform at a particular level. The service that can be offered to the citizens, visitors and communities of the Commonwealth will be enhanced by the professional competency attained through this certification process.

In August of 2007 the company had embarked on the process of certifying our Volunteer Firefighters to this level. Through hard work and dedication this task was accomplished in August of 2009 the task had been completed with 75 percent of our members achieving at least Firefighter I certification. Since then we have been able to maintain this level of service through constant training.

Continuing on any new member is required to complete a Firefighter I course with certification. Many of our members are certified beyond the Firefighter I level, some are Firefighter II, Fire Instructor I, Fire Instructor II, Fire Officer I, Fire Officer II, Core Rescue concepts, Haz-Mat Operations with some certified as Fire Inspectors and Fire Investigators.

Also we have members who are trained in Trench Rescue, Water Rescue and Wildland Firefighting on top of the others mentioned above. We are also members of the Southeast Regional Fire Task Force and Rescue Task Force in the mentioned areas above. So you see Wagontown provides a vast amount of services to our response area.

Wagontown is committed to providing the best level of service to our residents and communities through properly trained and equipped volunteers