Remnants of Hurricane Ida hit the area hard
By Watch Desk
September 2, 2021

On Wednesday afternoon shortly after 4pm the rains started which was the remnants of Hurricane Ida, The National Weather Service had been advising the potential for large amounts of rainfall for our area. Crews started to assemble just prior to the calls coming in, a dedicated boat crew was established to handle the water rescue emergencies and 2 crews for the Engine and Rescue were in place. Shortly after 5p the calls came in, with 2 back to back boat calls and then the boat crew was dispatched to assist the Coatesville City Fire Department in the area of 5th Ave and Olive street due to flooding and residents trapped in their houses.

While the boat was handling calls at 18:23 hours the company was dispatched for an accident in the 600 Block of West Kings Hwy. Rescue 35 made the response and arrived onscene with 1 vehicle into a pole. EMS checked the driver and crews stood by until dispatched to the City for a house fire. Engine and Rescue 35 made the responses,

While enroute the assignment was held to city units with Rescue 35 taking the gas leak in the 500 Block of Olive Street, after numerous detours finally arrived and found severe flooding in the block affecting numerous residences. Working with Coatesville Fire the residents were evacuated and the area was secured.

35 Fire police were tied up handling road closures in West Caln and West Brandywine Townships due to flooded roadways or land slides that occurred due to the 9+ inches of rain the area received.

Engine 35 would handle additional calls for incidents in the city and Sadsbury Township for reported house fires. The boat crew performed numerous water rescues from houses and all crews finally cleared all 1incidents around midnight only to be alerted again to assist the Honey Brook Fire Company on another water rescue on Icedale Birdell Rd.

Units: Station 35