2020 Year End report released
By Wagontown Fire Company
January 13, 2021

2020 was a busy year, the company answering 373 calls for service, the year started off great and then came along the Covid-19 pandemic which we are still dealing with to this very day.

2020 saw changes in the way we deal with incidents and we handled several major incidents including a propane truck roll over, numerous fires of various types. Al were handled by the crews from Wagontown with assistance from our mutual aid partners of the area.

All of this was accomplished while taking additional precautions protecting ourselves from the virus that has been ever present in these times.

We must take time to thank all of the members who responded to handle these emergencies as well as the families they leave behind to answer these calls. If it was not for the support they receive at home while they respond and give of their time, we would not be where we are today. So thank you to all of those behind the scenes supporting our members.

2020 hopefully the eradication of the virus and we look forward to the continued level of training, service and community involvement that you have come to know your local fire department, the Wagontown Volunteer Fire Company.

Attachment Wagontown Fire Volunteer 2020 year end report.pdf  (2,937k)