2 run Tuesday
By Watch Desk
November 10, 2020

Today started at 08:39 with an report of smoke in the 100 Block of Moran Lane in West Caln. West Caln PD arrived and found a large controlled burn that was ablaze. FM Peters (FM28) arrived and determined the fire exceeded the limits of allowable size fires in the township so the company worked to extinguish the fire. The company cleared 2 hours later after extinguishing the fire.

Then at 13:52 the company was alerted to the 200 block of Sandy way for an investigation, onscene found a small fire on the front porch and crews wet the area down and checked for any extension. Crew cleared the scene 45 minutes later.

Units: Tac, Engine and Tanker 35
Mutual Aid: West Caln PD.