Assist to Modena at the Scrap Yard
By Watch Desk
October 18, 2020

On Sunday afternoon 10/18/20 at 13:50 hours, the Wagontown Fire Company was dispatched to assist Modena in the 1000 block of S First Ave in South Coatesville. Modena was on the scene of a large fire in the scrap yard in scrap material.

Crews from 37 were onscene and engaged in fighting the fire, Wagontown units arrived onscene and were assigned to the south side of the fire where they had access to a yard hydrant.

Crews established a water supply from the yard hydrant to Engine 35 where multiple hand lines and master streams were placed into service to try to extinguish the large pile. Crews from Wagontown were joined by crews from Avondale where the companies worked this side of the fire working to cut off further spread and protect machinery.

Workers from the Scrap Iron Co. were also on scene with heavy equipment helping to move the pile so that crews could get to the seat of the fire.

Engine 35 and Tanker 35 worked this side for about 6 hours until finally being released by command after the fire was contained. Modena crews would stay onscene a while longer working on final extinguishment.

The company was back in service around 8:30 that night. Special Thanks to Twin Valley FD for covering the 35 local while we operated on this incident.

Special thanks to all that sent us pictures while we operated on the scene.

Units: Engine and Tanker 35