Accident with Entrapment in Compass
By Watch Desk
September 30, 2020

On Wednesday morning at 10:33 hours the Company along with MICU144 were dispatched to the intersection of Rt. 340 and Rt. 10 in Compass. Units arrived onscene after numerous reports to find one on the ground and one trapped. Asst. 31 (Reynolds) arrived 1st and assumed the Rt. 10 Command requesting 2 additional EMS units which brought the 2nd 44 EMS unit and Lancaster 4-9 to the scene.

Rescue 35 arrived and stabilized the car and began the extrication process on the Cadillac, upon working on the car it was noted that the SRS systems in the pillars of the roof created a hazard and another plan was put into motion removing the victim out the back driver’s side rear door. This was done as the patient’s condition was one in which normal removal methods may have aggravated his medical conditions.

Once extricated crews secured hazards and the fluid spills and stood by as Flings once again was onscene to clear the roadway.

Roadways were reopened in about an hour.

Units: Rescue 35, Chief 35 and MICU 144
Mutual Aid: Asst. 31, 44 (Westwood EMS), LC49 (Whitehorse EMS), West Caln PD and Flings Towing