Busy day in West Brandywine
By Watch Desk
September 30, 2020

Early Wednesday began with a Fire Alarm on Landover Rd in West Brandywine at 06:49 hours, crews responded and investigated with nothing found. Then at 07:54 hours the company along with MICU 144 were dispatched to the 1100 block of Manor Rd. for an accident. Onscene we found a 2 vehicle accident head on accident with 2 people to be treated, MICU 244 was requested and responded while crews controlled the hazards.

While onscene a second accident occurred just north of the first one, so members split and responded up to that one, AMB371 (Modena) was requested for that 2 vehicle accident.

Crews worked the scenes while fire police closed Rt. 82 between 340 and Monacy Roads. All patients were transported and Flings towing cleared the roadway and 82 was reopened at around 09:00 hours.

Units: Rescue 35, Chief 35 and MICU144
Mutual Aid: MICU244 (Westwood @ Glenmoore) 37 (Modena EMS), West Brandywine PD and Flings towing