Accident on Manor Rd in West Brandywine
By Watch Desk
September 9, 2020

On Wednesday at 12:04 Hours the company was alerted to a vehicle accident in the 1400 Block of Manor Rd. Onscene units found a log truck rolled over and load spilled. Crews worked to secure the fuel spill from the tractors saddle tanks and worked with Flings righting the vehciles.

Crews stood by until the vehicle and the accident scene was cleared with fire police directing traffic around the incident scene.

Crews cleared just prior to 5 pm opening the roadway.

Units: Rescue 35, Tanker 35, Tac 35 , Traffic 35 and Deputy 35
Mutual Aid: 33 (Honey Brook), 48 (Glenmoore) Fire Police, West Brandywine PD and Flings Towing