Wagontown and Glen Moore receive Assistance to Firefighters Grant in Round 2 for SCBA
By Wagontown Fire Company
August 5, 2020

Today it was announced that the Glen Moore and Wagontown Fire Companies in a collective grant were awarded $261,750.00 for new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. SCBA as they are called are the lifelines for firefighters as they embark on firefighting duties, SCBA provide the firefighter with fresh air to breath while fighting a fire in a hazardous atmosphere.

SCBA are used for many different types of incidents ranging from gas leaks, car fires, hazardous materials incidents and many more. SCBA currently in use by each of our departments are at the end of their life cycle and the importance of providing up to date and safe equipment for our members is priority one for all of us.

Each year departments apply for federal grants through the AFG program sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency otherwise know as FEMA. This past year working with Glen Moore towards a common goal we were able to better our odds and achieve the same goal for both departments.

We will be looking at several SCBA types in the coming days and weeks and we have a year to complete the process of ordering and placing these new SCBA in service.

Wagontown has been very successful in this grant process as we have obtained the Tanker, TAC, new hose, tools and equipment along with turnout gear to the sum of over $600,000 in grants from the AFG program.

Special thanks to our grant writer John Sly who continues to work with us and allows us to continually move forward on the front lines of the fire service.