23 Runs for Wagontown during Tropical Storm Isaiah
By Watch Desk
August 4, 2020

On Tuesday August 4th Tropical Storm Isaiah came to town bringing with it strong winds, heavy rains that took its toll on the infrastructure that supports West Caln and West Brandywine Townships.

Between 10:30 am and 11:30 pm the company ran 23 calls which were everything from trees into wires, trees into houses along with numerous water rescues and a house fire.

The company started off with calls just after 10:30 am and they continued strong through the afternoon then at 16:34 hours the company along with mutual aid was dispatched to the 100 Block of Siousca Station Rd for a house fire. Batt. 43 (Patton) and Chief 35 (Ziegler) arrived onscene with smoke showing and power lines down on the Delta side of the house.

The wires had energized the ground and structural portions of the house including the oil line into the house and into the heater. Crews arrived and had stretched a leader line and attack lines to the residence. Crews then held the fire in check with extinguishers until the house could be de-energized.

PECO arrived an hour later and secured the power and crews then we able to open up and extinguish and overhaul the fire building, once completed the crew packed up and returned around 18:00 hours.

The crews then handled a smoke investigation and a CO issue at a residence before retiring after midnight to return home and get some sleep.

We would like to remind everyone to stay away from downed power lines and trees into power lines. PECO is working to restore power as fast as they can.

Great work by all yesterday.

Units: Station 35
Mutual Aid: Mutual Aid Companies