Heat Wave - What you can do to weather the heat and protect yourself
By Wagontown Fire Co.
July 17, 2020

Chester County Forecasted Conditions:

Here are the key messages:

Dangerous heat expected Saturday through Wednesday
High temperatures will be in the mid to upper 90's each day
Highest temperatures will be on Monday
·         Heat Index Values

Could range up to 100 on Saturday
Could range up to 105 on Sunday
Could range up to 110 on Monday
Could range up to 105 on Tuesday and Wednesday

Saturday through Wednesday
Warmest part of each day is 2pm to 6pm
Recommended Preparedness Actions:

Find shade
Keep hydrated and drink water
Take frequent breaks if you must be outside; wear lightweight, loose fitting clothing
Follow the NWS and local weather forecasts for the latest changes, updates and information

Heat index values in excess of 100 can cause heat related stress, specifically among the at-risk populations