House fire on Reeceville Road
By Watch Desk
May 2, 2020

On Saturday the company was alerted at 15;29 hours to assist the East Brandywine Fire Company on the reported house fire in the 300 Block of Reeceville Rd.

Deputy 49 (Edwards) arrived onscene with a working fire, and units began arriving onscene. Engine 35 was the first unit from Wagontown onscene and they completed a hose lay from the Brandywine Hospital to the scene. This brought a continuous water supply to the fire ground after Engine 37 (Modena) emptied their bed of hose. Deputy 35 (Reber) established the Water Supply Officer who coordinated a secure water supply to the incident scene.

Tanker 35 arrived and staged should additional water be needed and Rescue 35 arrived along with Squad 35 with additional manpower for the scene.

Crews assisted with various fire ground tasks and were released by command over an hour later once the fire was extinguished and units had their manpower back.

Thank you to White Horse fire company for covering our station while we operated on the fire.

Units: Engine, Rescue, Tanker, Squad and Deputy 35