Annual SCBA refresher
By Wagontown Fire Company Training Division
January 22, 2020

On Wednesday evening members arrived at the station for our weekly training night, tonight was our yearly SCBA refresher. This is a process where the members follow the PA State Fire Academies testing process for Self Contained Breathing Apparatus use and care procedures.

The members went through a 3 step process, the first was a skill station where the members had to identify the parts of the SCBA, then complete a thorough check of the SCBA to ensure it was ready for service. Following completion of this they moved on to the second station where members were tested on properly using the SCBA. This including putting the SCBA on, putting the face piece on, then going over the functions of the SCBA.

Once this station was passed the members moved on to a consumption test where the members completed a number of physical exercises designed to increase their breathing rate and heart rate. This was designed to simulate working inside a building fire or hazardous area at peak performance. Once this was completed the members of Ambulance 144 checked their vitals and provided a baseline for the members.

All the members enjoyed the training and it allowed us to get a good idea of how long our members can safely work while using SCBA in a hazardous environment.

Units: Station 35