Assist to Honey Brook on Icedale Rd.
By Wagontown Volunteers
December 26, 2019

On Thursday at 17:05 the company was dispatched on the house fire with Honey Brook (33) as the RIT team. Rapid Intervention Team or RIT as it is called is a dedicated crew of Firefighters whose job is to ensure the safety of those working on the scene. Rescue 35 made the response and crews took a position on Side A alpha completing a 360 survey and checking in with Command.

The crews stood ready until released by command and while clearing we were requested to relocate to Station 33 while they finished on the incident we were released from.

Crews stood by for a short time and then were released and returned to Wagontown.

Units: Rescue 35
Mutual Aid: Honey Brook (33), East Brandywine (49) and Ambulance 189 (honey Brook / Elverson EMS)