Multi-Faceted training night at the park
By Wagontown Fire Company Training Division
June 20, 2018

On Wednesday night the company traveled to the Hibernia County Park where they completed a number of equipment reviews and skills that we look each year to keep our skill levels to where they should be.

The first of several stations was the ATV operations review, the campground road leading to the north side of the lake is a perfect spot to refresh everyone on driving and operating the ATV. This gravel road working with the park staff allows a safe and appropriate place for us to use as a refresher for these operations and skills associated with our ATV.

The second of the station was a trailer towing and backing course which allowed members who have not towed a trailer with a company vehicle the opportunity to refresh their skills in a controlled environment where we could focus on backing in a safe manner and hitching and towing the trailers. Both the Boat and ATV trailers were used along with the Squad and Tac for pulling these trailers.

The Third was a pump refresher on the smaller trucks drafting from the lake, this also allowed those not participating in the other stations something to work on as well. Those refreshing on pumps were supplying hose lines that other members operated during this evolution.

These are items we do not do often enough and this allows us to keep of level of efficiency right where it needs to be.

Wagontown would like to thank the rangers and park staff for working with us from the Hibernia County Park.