Evening search in Hibernia Park
By Wagontown Volunteers
May 10, 2018

On Thursday at 19:42 hours the company was dispatched to assist the Hibernia Park Rangers and West Caln PD on a search for a missing person. Crews assembled and responded to the park where they were joined by West Caln PD and HCP Rangers. A Plan was devised and a request for additional resources was made bringing mutual aid ATV's and other equipment to the scene.

Comm-1 and the IST Team from the County responded and provided coordination for the Command Staff while the crews searched a large area of the park for the missing person. Crews called off the search at midnight due to conditions and darkness, it was learned early this morning the subject was found home safe and sound.

Wagontown would like to thank everyone who assisted with the search and we are glad he was found safely.

Units: Rescue, TAC, Brush 1, Traffic, Squad and ATV 35
Mutual Aid: West Caln PD, Hibernia County Park Rangers, ATV44, ATV49, ATV69 and Chester Co. Emergency Services