Another accident on State Hill
By Wagontown Volunteers
November 12, 2017

Tonight at 18:30 hours the Company was dispatched to an accident on Rt. 10 north of Beacon Light Rd., the accident was originally dispatched as Sadsbury Twp which had originally dispatched the Sadsburyville Fire Company and Keystone Ambulance. Upon arrival it was determined that the accident was in West Caln so we were added to the call. While responding it was determined that minimal fire apparatus was needed and just fire police to control the scene. So the Fire Police continued in and the fire assignment recalled.

Fire Police closed the roadway for the better part of 3 hours while the pole was cleared by PECO and the accident was investigated, At 20:30 hours the Fire Department was once again requested to assist with the debris on the roadway that could be accessed now, Tac responded and the crew assisted the tow operator in clearing the debris and finally opening the roadway just before 9 PM.

Units: Rescue 35, Tac 35, Traffic 35, Ambulance 144, Chief and Deputy 35
Mutual Aid: Sadsburyville Fire, Keystone EMS, West Caln PD and Flings Towing
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