Vehicle Rescue Training
By Wagontown Fire Company Training Division
September 6, 2017

On Wednesday night members began reviewing some of the equipment carried on our rescue truck, some of these items we rarely use on a regular basis but have in case of those special situations where they could be needed. Tonight a review of our airbags, air chisels and other specialized equipment was done. Also tonight a back to basics approach was taken from the simple box crib to using these specialized tools.

In the coming weeks we are having a PA State Special Vehicle Rescue class and this will cover the skills and equipment needed to deal with the larger vehicles such as buses, trucks and heavy equipment. As a Rescue company we could be called to various types of incidents and that is why we carry a wide array of tools to handle these incidents. So training is key and at Wagontown we take training seriously from fire, Rescue to the specialties we do.

Look for updates from the upcoming classes..