Wagontown attends the Coatesville Fireworks
By Wagontown Volunteers
July 8, 2017

On Saturday, July 8th, 2017 City of Coatesville Fire Department requested units from Wagontown to cover the City during the annual fireworks display.

The Engine was assigned to 1st and Diamond St on the north side of the event, and the TAC and Brush 1 were assigned to the Fireworks launch area on the old G. O. Carlson property at 1st and Lincoln Hwy. Crews arrived just shortly after 8pm and got in position. The launch crew then made contact with the fireworks display members and received info that was passed along to the CFD command staff.

This year’s Fireworks were the best so far this year, and have been known for a good display in years past.

Thankfully there were no emergency calls and our members were able to enjoy a great fireworks show and Thank You to the Coatesville Fire Department for the invite to attend.

Units: Engine, Brush 35-1 and Tac 35 and Traffic 35
Mutual Aid: Coatesville Fire, Modena Fire, Westwood Fire and Thorndale Fire Companies